Maximize your efficiency while minimizing your cost with our LTL shipping services. Whether dry freight or climate controlled we can transport your cargo at a great price.

What is LTL Trucking ?

LTL or Less-Than-Truckload refers to shipping goods on a trailer that fills less than the trailer’s full capacity, and at a fraction of the cost of paying for an entire trailer. Several customers can all use the same truck to have their goods delivered. Both LTL and FTL (full truckload) shipping refer to the amount of product that needs to be shipped rather than the type of product.


Typically, LTL shipping carriers will utilize enclosed or covered van trailers with rollup doors, though swing door trailers are also common. Climate controlled trailers are also used for perishable LTL deliveries.

Load types

Smaller palletized freight and shipping crates are frequently used for LTL shipping and cargo is often consumer goods and supplies.


LTL Freight is often handled multiple times during transit so it’s important to ensure its proper packaging to protect it from damage.